Baths now available at Doggy Daycare…

Get your dog bathed whilst they attend Doggy Daycare so they can go home happy, and smelling clean and fresh when you collect them!


  • Small breeds £7.00

  • Medium breeds £10.00

  • Large Breeds £13.00

  • Extra Large Breeds £17.00 

  • Price includes bath, brush & dry by our trained staff. 

  • Nail trimming - an additional £3.95

  • Facial fold cleaning - £5.00

A spritzing spray can be applied at the end of the groom if required at no additional cost.


Puppy familiarisation and de-sensitisation to the Grooming Room can be booked for £2.50 a session. 

This allows your puppy to get accustomed to the equipment and noises in the grooming room before their first bath and blow dry.  We would recommend at least two of these sessions to be booked before their first bath with us.


We proud to use Animology products at Doggy Daycare Solent who are a multi-award winning pet care product brand.

For further information visit their website.


Our professional facilities include a large stainless steel dog bath with steps and a hydraulic grooming table.  We have brushes and combs a plenty for all breeds and hair types.

Specialist shampoos are also available upon request - for example ‘Fox Poo Shampoo’, for the odd and unfortunate rolling accident!!

For more information or to book a bath for your dog, please contact us or let us know when dropping your dog off at Doggy Daycare.