Reviews from the Dogs…

My name is Jazzy and I’m a little Cavapoo aged 2 and 3/4 who LOVES going to Doggy-Daycare Solent with Auntie Tina and all her wonderful helpers. They make every time I visit full of fun things to do and the best is outdoors playing in the sunshine. My mummy says that she’s really happy knowing I’m so well looked after, loved and cuddled when she’s out at work. Can’t wait to come again next week ... woof woof 🐾

I like going to daycare to play tugging games with my friends, large and small. I really enjoy the enrichment things like boxes, shredded paper, bottles and ice, but most of all I like the fact I can lie down and have a sleep whenever I like...little legs need a lot of rest! Alfie age 2, Dandie Dinmont Terrier 🐾

Hi Auntie Tina my favourite days are my doggy daycare days. I love playing with all my buddies, the slides, water play, and diving into shredded paper. But the best is all my lovely human friends who throw me balls. Love Barney (CP) 1year 11 months 🐾

Hi Auntie Tina, I am a bit of a psycho and don’t mix well with other dogs so love coming for an hour on a weekend so I can run around for an hour and play on the fab slides and throw all your toys around on my own during your reactive dog sessions. Plus I get to see you of course. Lots of Love Storm, aged 4 and 11 months 🐾

I LOVE coming to DDC! My little paws can't get in there quick enough when I realise where I am! There is so much to do and I have lots of fun playing with my other furry friends. I enjoy playing in the garden and love to have a little rest when I need to recharge my batteries. All the lovely humans are on hand to give me a cuddle if and when I need it, I'm such a flirt though and welcome cuddles anytime (I've got my aunties wrapped round my furry paws but shhhh,don't tell them!) My human tells me how reassuring it is for her to leave me with people who look after me like I'm their own,knowing that I am safe and being well looked after.The snacks from the on site pantry are the best,especially the sausages! I've also given the puppy dog eyes to my human to buy me some toys and other goodies from the shop in reception too! This is the best place,with the best people! Bertie Bear aged 3 years xxx 🐾

Hi, my favourite day of the week is Wednesday when I go to daycare and have great fun playing with all my doggie friends. I can’t wait to get in. We can play inside or outside and we take it in turns to go outside. I am in the little group and we don’t mix with the big group. We have loads of different toys and the ladies give us lots of cuddles and play with us. I love it there it’s great fun. Cooper age 3 🐾

I love coming to Doggy day care and have done so since it virtually started. I am sure I must be one of the longest serving doggies. I always get excited when I realise where I am going and can’t wait to see all my friends and especially Auntie Tina. For me attending Doggy Day Care it is especially important as I suffer with anxiety when I am left alone at home, I really can’t help it and Dad and Mum really do need to go to work and have the satisfaction of knowing that I am happy and safe whilst they are away. I love meeting my doggy friends and interacting with everybody and as I am a bit of a poser I also love having my photo taken for Facebook. I couldn’t ask for better care with lots of cuddles, play and rest time. Looking forward to my next visit ...... woof woof!!!! Bailey xxxxx age 8 🐾

Me and my sister come to doggy daycare all the time to play with our friends running and climbing and water and and and lots more, oh yeah and all the lovely ladies too, Harley likes all the cuddles but I am a tough boy who likes tug of war which I am the champion! We love it !! Bear 2 and 3/4 and Harley 2 x 🐾

I love love love doggy day care. ( my tail is wagging like mad just thinking about it!) The bestest bits are making new friends, splashing about in the paddling pool, rolling around in the sand pit, catching the ball, chasing my friends, playing tuggies, going on the slide, having cuddles with my human DDC friends (especially aunty Emily she is my favourite), having some snoozies to recharge my batteries and of course having a little sunbathe when the weather is nice. My mum says she is just so pleased that i am safe and being looked after so well, but also having fun at the same time. Unfortunately although i love spending time with my nanny while mum and dad are at work, i have a lot of energy and she can’t keep up with me. So running around at DDC with my friends is great for me. It has really helped me with knowing how to interact with other doggies or all ages, makes and models. Love Sherlock (aka Shirley Whirly), aged 1yr and 3/4 🐾

I come to play and have fun at doggy day care 3 mornings a week. These are my favourite times of the week and I get so excited when I realise where i’m going that my mummy says i’m part kangaroo as I jump around so much. I love running round with all of my doggie friends, I used to be in the little dog group but now I play with the big dawgs😊. My aunties at doggy day care are all really fun and kind, I get lots of attention and big cuddles when I need one. When I come back to my hooman’s house i’m so tired from all the fun I have I fall fast asleep. I try to tell all the doggies I meet how great this place is but I get into trouble for barking, i’m not giving up though because this place is amazing and all doggies should come here. Love from Bella, age 33 weeks 🐾

I come and visit on the odd Thursday when my mum can sort it for me. I love spending time with my friends playing on all the fun things available. I especially like it when I’m booked in for a pamper session and the staff give me a lovely bath with nice smelling shampoo. The humans are lovely and they always give my mum updates if there’s anything to report. I would take my own food but I get too distracted and I like eating in my own home but I do get a yummy treat once I’ve spent a full day having fun. The fusses that the humans give are awesome. Totally love this place. Perry, 4 years old xx 🐾

I come to visit Auntie Tina & all the lovely staff 3-4 days a week because I love playing and having fun with all my doggy friends 🐶🐶 This is one of my happy places and my mum and dad know I’m being well looked after. I’m a very lucky boy and enjoy my days at Solent doggy day care. Thanks for taking care of me love Harley (cockerpoo) Age 17 months xx 🐾

I love Doggy Daycare. One of my favourite things is playing King of the castle. I love playing with my fur friends outside, in the sandpit, tyres, shredded paper and seeing my human Auntie's too. Everyone looks after me, giving me cuddles. I have lots of time to run around, or just chill out when it's too warm for me to play. Murphy (CP), age 3 years 10 months 🐾


Reviews from the Dog Owners…

Great environment for my two hounds, they love it and are tired happy dogs at the end of the day. Lovely staff. Can't recommend highly enough.

First experience of Doggy day care today. Absolutely fantastic. Made to feel so welcome. Great feeling of the place and owners. Comes highly recommended through friends and definitely didn’t disappoint. My dog doesn’t need day care, but he will be coming here in the future as I feel he will miss out otherwise. Excellent facility.

We had sole hire for my three dogs Sunday having the first session we have booked for additional services our older dog is not so good with other dogs now at aged nearly 12! All of a large breed.

Gracie loves coming her once a week, highly recommended!

Jessie (Labrador) loves this place, she literally does not stop all day and comes home absolutely shattered! The girls are fantastic and care so much about our pups. Thank you for doing a top job, I know she is in good hands with you guys xx

Lovely, friendly staff, always happy to help and knowledgeable about my dog. They go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and put on lots of community events for all the pooches and hounds. Olive dragged me in the door in the mornings in her haste to see her pals. Would highly recommend.

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