Canine Hoopers Classes & Workshops

held at Doggy Daycare solent in fareham

Hoopers is an agility based sport, that is low impact and great fun. The handler directs their dog around a course made up of a combination of hoops, barrels and tunnels.

The Canine Hoopers Classes will be hosted by Tina Sanford (Canine Hoopers World Instructor) throughout the year.

Please check our events diary for dates and times.


Hoopers can be practiced at home, in the garden, at the park or in training classes.

Hoopers gives your a dog a physical and mental workout, whilst increasing your teamwork and encouraging your dog to listen to you. It’s suitable for most dogs and handlers as long as they are healthy because there is no jumping involved.

Canine Hoopers - Doggy Daycare Solent 2
Canine Hoopers - Doggy Daycare Solent

If you require more information on our Canine Hoopers Classes, contact us today.